One of my favorite things about the Financial Planning Association is the growing diversity of its membership. Each member brings unique experiences and skills in support of a common passion. There is an excitement to collaborate on how we can best serve clients and build healthy practices. The 2018 Annual Conference experience will be no different.

Organized around the OneFPA primary aim – to elevate the profession that transforms lives through the power of financial planning – the FPA Annual Conference is an environment designed for us to leverage our collective wisdom for a better future.

Whether you’re a student or an experienced planner or anything in between, there are countless opportunities to get what you need and share what you have. Employers find talented employees, study groups are formed, technology solutions are available to help streamline your business, and the best ideas are presented throughout the event. The conversations you have, the relationships you build, and the skills you sharpen all influence how your career unfolds and the impact our profession can have.

If you’re still on the fence on whether to attend the 2018 FPA Annual Conference, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you love our profession?
  • What about your work energizes you?
  • What do you have to offer our profession?
  • How can we craft our practices to ensure that our clients and business thrive?
  • What does excellence look like for us, and how can we strive toward it?

I’ve found the FPA Annual Conference to be a place to explore not only new ideas, but also how you fit into this profession and your own potential to help move it forward. Our ability to collaborate on such a large scale opens doors and shapes new realities for everyone who attends.

I encourage you to join us in Chicago from October 3-5 to see why the FPA is the number one professional organization for CFP® professionals, educators, financial services providers, and students who seek advancement in a growing, dynamic profession. It’s hard to beat you and 2,000 of your peers spending a few days co-creating possibilities for your clients, your practice, and your profession.

See you in the Windy City!

Russell Kroeger, CFP®, EA serves as the Director of Advocacy for the FPA of San Francisco, and as the NexGen representative for both the OneFPA Advisory Group and the FPA PAC. He founded Paradigm Wealth Architects to make financial planning accessible to young professionals, and engages financial planning firms as a consultant.


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