We can’t wait for #FPAConf19 in Minneapolis, and we hope you’re excited too! As with most events, we believe you will get out of the FPA Annual Conference what you put into it, and we are confident that attending will be worth your time and money.
That said, we understand your manager or supervisor may want or need a bit more background on the value and importance of the event before they approve your attendance. The following are a few details to share with your manager to start the conversation:


2,000+ Planners

The FPA Annual Conference is the nation’s largest gathering of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professionals, attracting the best and brightest from the U.S. and abroad.

The opportunity to learn from engaged and passionate financial planners from around the world, and to share those ideas with your colleagues upon your return may be worth the cost of admission alone.

Practical Content

Recognized thought leaders and top minds will be covering the topics and disciplines that matter most to financial planners, as well as a variety of sessions featuring leading practitioners.

There are few better opportunities for personal and professional development for a financial planner than the FPA Annual Conference, and that’s one of the primary reasons many business owners and management teams send a delegation of their financial planning team members to the event each year.

NexGen Focus

Because the conference includes content specifically designed for younger planners and those new to the profession, the event draws a wonderful contingent of leaders and members from our FPA NexGen community each year.

Connecting with peers undergoing similar experiences and are at similar points in their careers, is likely to benefit not only the individual planner, but their organization as well.

We’ve also included a Word document for use in helping to justify your trip – just personalize, add the outstanding information, and send away.

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