Exciting. Innovative. Immersive. Informative. Fun. While all these adjectives can be applied to the 2019 FPA Annual Conference, my favorite is “life-changing.” This may feel like an exaggeration to you, but it certainly does not feel that way to me—I believe this year’s event has all of the ingredients required to be a truly life-altering experience.

As the chair of the 2019 Annual Conference Task Force, it’s difficult to put into words just how exciting it is to see so many hours of hard work come to fruition, as the agenda and the structure of the conference take shape. As many of you know, conference planning begins for the Task Force the moment the prior year’s conference ends, and I could not be prouder of the work this year’s Task Force has done to make this event relevant, powerful and special for our attendees.

So why do I think joining the Task Force, FPA volunteer leaders and staff, and 2,000 financial planners from around the world in Minneapolis will be a transformative experience? Well, I’m glad you asked—I’ve outlined just a few of the many reasons below:

  • See your content suggestions come to life. I think it’s always satisfying and gratifying to have your voice heard, and the 2019 event is a great example of that concept in action. This year’s content reflects what you’ve asked for in our Call for Content process, and your wonderful ideas and insights have helped shape a better event for attendees. You’ll see an ongoing thread of Diversity and Inclusion throughout this year’s sessions, and I think there is great intentionality behind this. Our world is changing and we need to be equipped to meet our clients where they are. By attending this conference, you are investing in improving your skillset and knowledge and, ultimately, becoming a better financial planner.
  • Access a carefully curated mix of educational and inspirational content. You’ll find broad and deep content about technical planning skills as well as trending areas such as research-based behavioral finance. Coaches will provide insight into building your personal marketing strategy, sourcing and developing talent, running more efficient businesses, and planning for succession. Communication in every form matters, whether it be in face-to-face difficult situations, involving ethnic diversity or digitally relaying our message, and those areas will be covered at length at #FPAConf19.
  • Get involved in building the future together. One of our biggest challenges as a community today is to identify the financial planner of the future. How do we continue to grow into who we need to be as planners, as firms and as a profession? To do this well and begin to answer these questions, we need to both understand the changes to the current landscape and keep an eye toward the future. This event offers an important platform and space to ponder these challenges, discuss ideas and craft solutions.

Minneapolis is so beautiful in the fall, with lakes within the city to walk, run, or simply sit down and enjoy. As you may know, we have more than 10,000 of them! You’ll also find fabulous chefs and restaurants, breweries, history and culture to explore. I love it here, and I know you will too.

So, if you haven’t already, register to join us October 16–18 for a conference that will educate you, engage you and inspire you. It may even change your life.

Janet Stanzak, CFP®, practices comprehensive financial planning in Minneapolis, focusing primarily on retirement planning, withdrawal strategies and portfolio management. Janet is a past president of both FPA and FPA of Minnesota, and serves as Chair of the 2019 FPA Annual Conference Task Force. You can connect with Janet on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/janet-stanzak-4468a84.

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