Financial advisers typically increase their AUM by holding face-to-face client meetings (and usually it takes more than one to build trust). It’s rare that someone will decide to move what they’ve worked their entire life to accumulate after a single phone call. If client meetings are how you close the sale, then everything leading up to the moment a client is sitting in your office with a pen in hand is considered part of the sales process.

Did you know that you can use your attendance at the FPA Annual Conference as part of this sales process? The education sessions you attend, the people you network with, the speakers you hear at general sessions—these can all be used to set up a client meeting after the conference.

The Action: Communicate with Your Clients About #FPAConf19


Before the Conference: Those Who Stay Top of Mind Are Top in Sales
We choose to purchase from the brands and stores that we are familiar with and in contact with. Before the conference, send a notification to your clients and let them know you are investing in your education so that you can continue to offer them top-of-the-line, expert service. This email also lets them know that you will be out of the office if they try to call.

Explain what the FPA Annual Conference is, where it is and why it was important for you to step out of the office to attend. Throw in a story about a previous conference if you have one, and make sure to include a photo to help your clients visualize the experience.

During the Conference: Personal Relationships Build Trust
Clients respond to personal pictures posted on social media more than they ever respond to your financial articles. There’s just something about getting personal that being smart could never replace.

When you’re at FPA Annual Conference, show your clients what you told them in your pre-con email. Post a photo from an engaging general session, a great quote you heard from a breakout speaker, a shot of you with other attendees who focus on the same client niche as you … you get the idea.

After the Conference: Be an Industry Expert
Send an email speaking directly to your clients about your conference experience; when I say “speaking directly,” I mean make the email personal. It can be easy to slip into the “speaking at” tone when you’re writing to a large group rather than a “speaking with” tone. Write your email how you would talk. After all, it was a face-to-face conversation that helped them decide to work with you.

Tell them about three different sessions you attended in Minneapolis that made the biggest impression. For instance, maybe you attended a session about the new tax code and learned ways your clients can save money on taxes by adding a third beneficiary to their account, or that if they reach a specific asset level, their taxes would change by a large percentage (these are fictional examples).

Close the email by saying that if they or someone they know have questions or concerns about one of these topics, you’d be more than happy to schedule a meeting with them to discuss their options.

With this post-conference email, you will again put your services at the top of their mind, give specific ways you can be of help, make a personal connection, and reinforce the idea that you prioritize staying educated on all the ways you can help your clients on the ever-changing financial landscape.

Kalli Lipke is a brand strategist who specializes in working with financial professionals. Kalli will be participating in a marketing panel at the 2019 FPA Annual Conference, and you can connect with her on LinkedIn at

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